Aims and scope

The variability of the space around us holds underlying patterns. These are found across bio-physical and anthropogenic forms and allow for the interconnectedness of the natural and social systems. Science is the millennial endeavor to identify these patterns.

The aim of GeoPatterns is to build a framework for the holistic understanding of our planet and its natural and social environments, by identifying the patterns that sustain the world.

GeoPatterns is an interdisciplinary and international journal open to all branches of spatially integrated geosciences and humanities and is devoted to publishing innovative, inter- and transdisciplinary research work from around the world.

In addition to research papers GeoPatterns publishes reviews, research notes, and reports. Original and relevant contributions to the area of natural and social science from a geographical perspective are expected to be submitted.

GeoPatterns’s topics coverage makes the journal essential reading for geographers, as well as for researchers from other disciplines, such as disaster management, ecology, geology, sociology, psychology, anthropology (links nature and culture), environmental studies, urban planning, and cultural studies.

GeoPattern is published twice a year.