Volume 3, Issue 2, November 2018

Volume 3, Issue 2, November 2018

ISSN 2501-7837

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  • Mapping Swabian migration in the 18th century to NW Romania (Sathmar county)

    Author: Dr. Maria BOȘTENARU DAN, researcher

    Abstract: The paper presents field and literature investigations to the places of origin and end for the Swabian migration in the 18th century, from the space between Ulm and Lake Constance to the NW Romania (Sathmar county). Soon after the departure of the Swabians, the place was marked by some of the most notable Baroque religious architecture, built heritage today. In the new home, the count of Károly let churches be built, some of which were destroyed totally or partially in the 1834 Érmellék earthquake. Long term goal of this research is to map this gradual construction and reconstruction with the methods developed by the author in a larger project

    Keywords: 18th century, earthquake impact, mapping.

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